Things to Avoid Doing to Avoid Wrecking Your Vacuum Cleaner

Most American households have vacuum cleaners, regardless of whether there is carpet flooring or not. Most people opt to have one or two types of vacuum cleaners as they are useful not just for carpet cleaning but for upholstery cleaning, as well.

It is just unfortunate to note that most of us do not really pay particular attention to the proper use and maintenance of our vacuum cleaner. It has grown to be a staple in our household that we normally do not think about what would happen without having one. We just assume that it will just be there for us all the time, continually functional, with need for neither care nor maintenance.

vacuum cleaners

vacuum cleaner

But, alas, how wrong we could be. Vacuum cleaners still need proper care and maintenance. Do not just assume that just because it is meant to take dust and grime off things that it can be sturdy all the time by itself without us properly taking care of it.

So, how are we supposed to take care of our vacuum cleaner, then?

Let’s start with the Don’ts.

Do not vacuum over the cleaner’s cord. Although the cords of your vacuum cleaner are tough enough to stand some degree of trauma, you should NEVER run your vacuum cleaner with its spinning brush over its own cord lest you are ready to get some vacuum repair done on it. The suction from the vacuum will most likely damage or fray the exterior of its cord. When the cords will show some damage, it will already be unsafe to use your vacuum cleaner.

Do not vacuum hard objects. Vacuum cleaners are meant to suction off dust and small items that cannot just be simply picked up or sweep off. It is not meant to suction off relatively big hard objects. Then, do not just run over the vacuum cleaner over a small rock, penny, or toy part. The rule of thumb is, if you can pick it up, pick it up. Those hard objects can seriously damage the interior of your vacuum cleaner or they can get lodged inside areas of your vacuum cleaner that is difficult to reach.

Do not let the vacuum cleaner run when it is overfilled. You must empty out the dust bag or bin of your vacuum cleaner when it is filled to its capacity. Not doing so will drastically reduce the performance of your vacuum cleaner.  Additionally, you will also run the risk of overheating, or, worse, damaging your vacuum cleaner. When you notice that the your vacuum cleaner suction seems not to be working, open the bin or bag to check if it has already filed up. Chances are, emptying your vacuum cleaner will drastically improve its performance.

Do not vacuum water. Regular vacuum cleaners are not designed to suction off water. If you do so, you run the risk of seriously damaging your vacuum cleaner, or worse, getting electrocuted. Even when you won’t get electrocuted or the vacuum cleaner won’t get damaged in the process, you still have to deal with the mess when you empty out your vacuum cleaner bin or bag. If you don’t want to have some vacuum cleaner repair done when you damage your cleaner due to water intrusion, just get a dry/wet vacuum cleaner instead.

I took our old vacuum to the repair shop

vacuum cleaners

Here is a pro tip to anyone that has a long haired dog: You should check the rollers on your vacuum to make sure that there is no hair built up around the drum. I’ll wait while you check it now…

Dog hair can be one of the main reasons why you got a vacuum cleaner in the first place but it’s also one of the main culprits that can cause damage to your vacuum cleaner and cause it’s performance to go down. This is exactly what happened to me and my story of how it all got fixed.

I am probably a lot like you in that I can’t really fix too many things that break around the house. I’ve learned to do the basics like paint, unclog the drain and even how to check for clogs in the dishwasher, but when it comes to things like the lawnmower or vacuum cleaner, I leave that up to my husband or to professionals. The same can definitely be said for cars, I don’t know the first thing about cars and I don’t even pretend to.

So since I am not able to give you tips or advice on how to fix a broken vacuum cleaner, the least I can do is point you in the direction of an amazing vacuum repair store in Denver where you can have it looked at. If your vacuum is so bad that you already have your eyes on a new one do not fear, the place I am endorsing also has a wide variety of new and used vacuum cleaners to choose from. They can even take trade ins if you are hoping to get some money for that old thing and put it towards the price of a new one.

The store is called All Ray’s Vacuum Cleaners and I have known about them for years. All Ray’s is the place where I bought our last vacuum about six years ago and it’s actually a store that my parents used to go to back in their day. I think All Ray’s has been around and open for business for the better part of half a century and that speaks to their great selection and excellent customer service. In fact, All Ray’s prides themselves on focusing on the customer and making sure they are happy every step of the way. The same family that owns and operates the store now is the same one that always has. This means their level of commitment to the customer will never waiver since it is tied to their family pride, not just a corporate philosophy.

All Ray’s also has one of the largest selections of Dyson vacuums in Denver. There are several amazing products that Dyson has come out with recently and they all hold their value really well. Dyson vacuum cleaners are known for their excellent construction and materials used and of course the claim that their vacuum cleaners never lose suction. The price might be a bit higher but worth it if the vacuum lasts for a long time.

Anyone know of a good place for vacuum repair?

vacuum repair

I’m not exactly expecting a question like this to generate enough interest to the point where my inbox will be full, but hopefully one or two of you has had to get your vacuum repaired in the past and can help me narrow my search before I begin. I should point out that at the moment my vacuum seems to be working fine but it has been quite a while since it has ever been serviced so I think in order to keep it working perfectly for the next few years I should go and have it checked out. I don’t know much about vacuum sales or service so I really have no idea what to expect as far as the price goes. The way I see it is you might as well put some time and energy into maintenance rather than a lot of time and energy into replacing or fixing things that you neglected to take care of. I have been like that with every car I have ever owned and it might be the reason why so many of my cars last for such a long time. I think the vacuum repair man would have to take the bag out and clean out the hoses and lines to make sure there is no dirt or debris stuck inside. If this happens you can lose a lot of power and suction which makes the vacuum ineffective. I think I pass a vacuum cleaner repair shop on the way home from work, I will check them out.

I need to take my vacuum to get repaired

vacuum repair

I have a very long “to do” list of things I need to get done before I leave for my teaching abroad adventure. It is a teacher exchange program so I will be going to live in England in another teacher’s home and they will be coming to live in mine. For that reason I am going through my house with a fine toothed comb to see what things I could improve on and what things need to be removed or replaced. One thing I’ve noticed while doing my final run of cleaning is that the vacuum cleaner is broken. So, seeing as I know nothing about repairing a vacuum cleaner and I don’t have any mechanical ability whatsoever, I need to call a vacuum repair store and have them come and help me out. I don’t know if they  make house calls but if they did that would be amazing because my car isn’t running so well at the moment either.

I just don’t want to leave the incoming teacher without a means to clean up the place when she feels fit. I have loaded a bunch of other cleaning supplies into a plastic bin under the sink so she will have convenient access to them whenever she needs them. I just can’t forget to take care of this vacuum repair before I get too busy and it slips away from me. The last time I did that I forgot to clean out the oven before Thanksgiving and it turned out to be a mess.

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Vacuum cleaner revenge

It is not normal for families who do not live together to have weekly dinners but that is exactly what my family does. Every week it is some twisted mess that no one is particularly excited about but neither is anyone particularly damaged by the events. At least so far no one has been forced to begin therapy. The big spill of last weeks dinner was my sister’s husband making some stupid, sexist remark about how he was going to buy her a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. Vacuum cleanerIt wasn’t so much what he said exactly but rather how he said it. It was laced with connotations of a woman’s place in the home type of thing. With Christmas coming up fairly soon I figured instead of blowing up at him at the table like I wanted to, I would start in with some planning to make my point in a bigger, and hopefully funnier way. So a few days later I went down to the vacuum store and searched for admittedly too long trying to find the perfect vacuum cleaner to fit my brother-in-law. It has been such a long time since I had bought a vacuum cleaner that honestly I forgot just how many options there are. Finally, I decided that since this is more of a prank gift than anything, the functions don’t so much matter so I just found the ugliest one I possibly could.  Now it is wrapped under the Christmas tree just waiting for my sexist brother-in-law. Hopefully now he will think more before he disrespects my sister.

Is it worth taking your old vacuum to a vacuum cleaner repair shop?

I had a sewing machine that I was getting fixed and so I took it to my local sewing machine/vacuum store.  There are not very many of those around anymore.  I had been having problems with my sewing machine for a long time and decided to take it in.  I did not realize how bad it was until I started sewing with it again.  It was amazing how much better it worked.  While waiting for my sewing machine I was talking to them about my vacuum cleaner as well and they mentioned how important it is to keep that maintained.  vacuum cleaner repairSo in the next couple of months I took my vacuum cleaner in to be serviced by a professional technician.  WOW!  I didn’t realize how bad it was working.  I have to be so careful now.  It sucks up everything that gets too close.  It’s wonderful and amazing!!  I can’t say enough about it.  I use my vacuum cleaner a lot more than my sewing machine.  I just always figured that after you had used a vacuum for a certain amount of time and it started not working very well you would get rid of it and get a new one.  Not this time.  It wasn’t that expensive and it works just like new, maybe even better than new.  So glad I took the time to get it serviced at a nearby vacuum cleaner repair shop.  It’s made the entire difference in the world with cleaning the carpets and how clean they are.

A Dyson For Christmas

Dyson vacuums DenverSally Robertson had a strange request for Christmas last year. She implored her husband, Tom, to get the one of the Dyson vacuums in Denver she’d seen when she was in the city. The vacuum cleaners have a great reputation for quality, and the store she visited downtown was having a great sale on some of the older models. Sally knew it was a great opportunity and began dropping hints immediately. Tom may have seemed oblivious to everything, but he had already picked up one of the vacuums when she first mentioned it to him. He hated Christmas shopping and was happy have it out of the way.

You wouldn’t think people would get excited about a vacuum cleaner, but with a Dyson it’s more common than you probably realize. When Sally unwrapped her Dyson on Christmas more, she flipped out. She was so excited that she ignored the rest of her presents and started vacuuming the house! Talk about excited. Tom had to yell at her to get her to turn the vacuum off and join the family to open the rest of the presents.

As you can see, people get pretty serious about their vacuum cleaners. With a Dyson, at least it makes a little bit of sense. They are truly great cleaning machines, fit for any mess. There are very versatile too, since you can use them to vacuum almost any surface. If you’re like Sally, you probably already know all about them. Why not start saving a few extra dollars now and buy ones as soon as possible. It’s a quality investment.

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Cleaning Built-In Vacuum Cleaners

Every appliance need to have a proper maintenance to prolong its working life span. A vacuum cleaner also needs to be maintained and cleaned well to make it worked properly. Luckily for you, maintaining vacuum cleaners is easy and just consist of few simple steps.

Vacuum cleaners

-              Make sure to disconnect first the power cord of the vacuum cleaner to avoid unwanted accidents.

-              Next, replace the dirt container or bag. To change it, just remove the lid and the rubber gasket from the unit. After that, remove the dirt bag by carefully pulling on the tab. Both the cloth bag and the paper bag should be pulled out. You can throw away the paper bag after that. Clean the vacuum cleaner using a vacuum maintenance cloth. Put a new paper bag and then replace also the cover of the unit.

-              Next thing to do is to remove the canister and replace it with a new one. However, you can only do that if you have a single canister unit. To do that, just lift both the latches on the side of the vacuum. After that, remove the bottom side of the unit. Clean the bottom and upper part of the unit using a vacuum maintenance cloth. Next, clean the foam filter with a clean toilet brush. The foam filter can be replaced with a new one if you want to. Lastly, change the lower part of the unit and pin it with two clamps.

-              Clean the rest of the parts of the unit using a Tornado Power Central Vacuum Maintenance cloth.

-              Connect the power cord and turn on the vacuum. Suck out the cloth you use at each inlet.

Doing this regular maintenance will lessen the risk of damaging your unit and, thus, will mean less expense on vacuum repair.

Check those gaskets on your vacuum

vacuum repair

Whether you have an old vacuum or a new fancy Dyson, whether it’s an antique or a roomba, you should have your vacuum cleaner taken in regularly for maintenance. For the majority of us who don’t own a Dyson we should go into a vacuum cleaner repair store every year or two and have your unit checked out. Have you ever noticed that as your vacuum got older you have to make a second and sometimes third pass over that same scrap of food to pick it up? Well, this is easy to troubleshoot and probably just as easy to fix if you know what to look for. Keep the lines and hoses clear of any major blockage and detangle your brush roller often, those are basically the only two things that can be done on your end. If you are still having problems take it into the vacuum store and they will perform a diagnostic test. The motor may have burned out or blew a ball bearing, or perhaps you failed to empty the dust bag and it has exploded. Too much pressure inside a vacuum can cause the seals and gaskets to fault and that can reduce your vacuums effectiveness or ability to perform at all. You can probably at least check these seals yourself and if you are hand enough, replace them too. The motor however, that must be dealt with by the pros. Think of the motor like the brains and the heart of a vacuum, you wouldn’t want to mess that up! Call a local vacuum repair shop today.

Vacuums to the Rescue

If you have kids you know how important is to have a good working vacuum. Vacuum cleaners are often sent to the rescue when things are spills and messes are made. Trying to mean a clean tidy house can be difficult when you have kids. But by being able to have a good working vacuum cleaner you are able to combat the mess of children with a vacuum. Don’t get shortchanged by a vacuum that is not doing the job get one that makes the difference and keeps those carpets clean. When you want to get a good vacuum cleaner the way to do it is not going to the big box store vacuum sales area. You want to get an experts opinion someone who knows vacuums someone who can show you which one is going to work best for you. By going to a true vacuum’s cleaner store you will be a will to talk to an expert on the one that is best for you. Getting an expert opinion can make all the difference. When it comes to vacuums and having kids you know the importance. Vacuum cleaners can truly be our best friends when there are giant messes to clean. Having a nice high-powered vacuum that can take care of the big messes can make a big difference in having kids in the home. Having the right vacuum cleaner can bring peace and comfort to your home and can help you in having that comfortable feeling inside your home that can make all the difference. Having a clean home means having sanity and feeling good