Vacuum repair is repairing America

In a time where the economy is slowly on the rebound, and large production assembly jobs are shipped overseas, the vacuum industry is bringing it home! American Companies like Oreck, Hoover and lesser-known Riccar all have manufacturing plants in America. Additionally, Swedish-owned company, Eureka and Sear’s Kenmore (owned by Japanese company, Panasonic) all manufacture in the states. The beauty of buying American-made products is that you are making an investment in yourself and the economy by keeping profits and jobs at home.

Riccar is based in California and has its main manufacturing facility is in Missouri, but it wasn’t always that way. In 2003, the company made the commonly unpopular decision to move manufacturing from Taiwan to the states. The organization prides itself on selling world-class vacuums with an emphasis on quality over quantity. Riccar vacuums are only sold through Authorized Retailers, each of which the company has vetted and found that they hold up to the standards of excellent service and ethics. The company does use some parts imported from China, but every box comes with a large “Made in USA with globally-sourced components,” and each vacuum is assembled here.

In 1908, the first upright vacuum was invented in Canton, OH by a cousin of the Hoover family. Hoover, which is owned by Maytag, was started in Ohio and continues to thrive there today. In 2007, they ran with the marketing campaign, “America loves its Hoovers.” Three of their five plants are still in Ohio, one is located in El Paso, TX, and admittedly, they do have a plant in Mexico, so be sure to check your labels to make sure you’re Hoover is made in the USA!

Although we have left the era of door-to-door vacuum salesmen, there is still a thriving business for vacuum service and repair here in the United States. Many companies will offer a 5-7 year warranty on their products, but after that, consumers are on their own. No one wants to buy a new vacuum every seven years, so you do not have to look far to find a vacuum service shop.

All Ray’s Vacuums, a family-oriented company located in Denver, CO, is a multi-service vacuum repair and sewing machine repair shop where “Service Still Counts!” With over 40 years of experience, All Rays Vacuums is dedicated to providing the highest level of vacuum sales and repairs. They can handle servicing any vacuum cleaner and their customers know to expect prompt and excellent service. Also, true to Colorado’s earth-friendly nature, they even offer a recycling program where you can trade in your old vacuum for a new one!

Vacuum-oriented websites suggest getting your product serviced or repaired before buying a new one. Many shops will fix your vacuum, even if it isn’t american made, which saves you a significant chunk of change that you would spend on a new one, and also keeps local small businesses working. Additionally, at vacuum stores you can often by used or refurbished vacuums, including premium products like Dyson! So even if the Dyson isn’t America-made, you can still get your hands on one and feel good about re-investing money locally.

All Rays Vacuum Cleaners knows vacuums! days, finding a store that works to repair something you already own is a rarity. In our quick fix and instant gratification society, we mostly are content when we find a replacement or a change that will meant less money and faster service. We rarely take the time to sit down and understand what exactly is wrong and what might be the best approach to take; we are simply too busy. For those who value taking the time to understand what is going on rather than rushing to the next big thing, visit All Rays Vacuum Cleaner for all your vacuum repair and purchase needs. The great thing about All Rays Vacuum Cleaner is that they will sell you a new vacuum cleaner, when you need one that is. Their staff is well trained and knowledgable about a vast variety of different vacuum cleaners as well as other machines. You know your grandmother’s old sewing machine that has not worked in years? All Rays Vacuum Cleaner has the only sewing machine technician in Colorado on staff to help you fix that old machine so that you too can sew as well as she did; or at least try to! When you have a vacuum store, you want to know that they will not just sell you a machine that you do not need. You want to know that they will work with you to fix what is broken rather than rush to a replacement. Replacing things is both unnecessary and wasteful, which is why choosing All Rays Vacuum Cleaners to help you make a savvy decision is the best choice.

All Rays is an authorized factory warranty repair station for a number of different brands. This includes your Dyson vacuum that cleans better than anything but is need of a little bit of work! As a Dyson vacuum repair center and many other brands, you know that when you take your vacuum to All Rays, they will be able to fix it. Best of all, if you are not sure if they can fix your specific brand of vacuum cleaner, just give them a call and see! Their technicians have so much experience that they are likely to be able to solve your problems or find someone who knows how to solve them. All Rays Vacuum Cleaners has repaired vacuum cleaners for many years for the wonderful people of Denver and the Denver metro area. Located on South Broadway, All Rays Vacuum Cleaners has seen Denver grow and change over the forty years they have been in business. A lot has changed in the area since 1972, but one thing is constant; Ray’s dedication to his business, to vacuum cleaners, and to you, his customers. All Rays Vacuum Cleaners can handle just about any vacuum cleaner issue, and they do so promptly and with care. There is no question that the factory certified and caring technicians at All Rays Vacuum Cleaners will make you and your needs a priority. Do not wait; visit All Rays Vacuum Cleaners for your vacuum cleaner needs!

Vacuum Store Associates Help You Find the Right Sweeper

             I am often tempted to linger over the bigger expenditures in life. Those big, flashy additions to my stuff are the ones that get a lot of the attention. There is some irony in this, I think, because it is the little things that I get the most use out of. And these little things ought to get a lot of attention and maintenance, too. The point I am trying to illustrate is easily shown in the difference between getting a new paint job on your car (big, flashy) and getting your oil changed. The oil is the workhorse of your car. It does its job diligently but goes unnoticed. But that is no reason to neglect it, even though the paint job gets all of the attention. The same applies to vacuum cleaners. They may not be the biggest, coolest addition to your home, but they are the workhorses that get the bigger tasks in your home down without complain. Give your vacuum cleaner a spa day. Go take your vacuum cleaner in for a repair. In the same way that a car simply must have an oil change in order to function properly, a vacuum cleaner just is not going to function properly without an occasional tune up.

In Dyson, vacuum repair is the name of the game, and you can get your home back to smelling good and looking good when your sweeper is working as it should. Consider how much precision goes into a vacuum. You can easily consider this when you break down the word for it. “Vacuum”. While it may not be a vacuum in the sense of a laboratory, it is the same basic idea. And in order to create a vacuum, there can be no leaks or places where the pressure is being released. It has to be airtight or at least close to it. Any kind of leaks or loose spots are going to make your vacuum lose power. The leaks and loose spots cannot be simply repaired with a bit of duct tape, either. These sweepers are more sophisticated than some people realize, and it takes a professional to be able to create that airtight lock so that you can remove all of the most stubborn grime and dirt from your carpet. Even if you do not see it, it is probably there. It is stuck way down in the fibers of the carpet. But if I cannot see it, then why should I care? The reason is because it will smell to high Heaven. People forget that carpet cleanings and vacuums can also make your home smell better.

It is also good to have them tighten up some of the interior machinery, too. (As a side note, some vacuum cleaner repair shops will also be able to perform sewing machine repair too because of their ability to work with the internal gears.) Just as you would take your car in for a tune up, you should also consider getting a tune up for your vacuum cleaner.

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Things to Avoid Doing to Avoid Wrecking Your Vacuum Cleaner

Most American households have vacuum cleaners, regardless of whether there is carpet flooring or not. Most people opt to have one or two types of vacuum cleaners as they are useful not just for carpet cleaning but for upholstery cleaning, as well.

It is just unfortunate to note that most of us do not really pay particular attention to the proper use and maintenance of our vacuum cleaner. It has grown to be a staple in our household that we normally do not think about what would happen without having one. We just assume that it will just be there for us all the time, continually functional, with need for neither care nor maintenance.

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But, alas, how wrong we could be. Vacuum cleaners still need proper care and maintenance. Do not just assume that just because it is meant to take dust and grime off things that it can be sturdy all the time by itself without us properly taking care of it.

So, how are we supposed to take care of our vacuum cleaner, then?

Let’s start with the Don’ts.

Do not vacuum over the cleaner’s cord. Although the cords of your vacuum cleaner are tough enough to stand some degree of trauma, you should NEVER run your vacuum cleaner with its spinning brush over its own cord lest you are ready to get some vacuum repair done on it. The suction from the vacuum will most likely damage or fray the exterior of its cord. When the cords will show some damage, it will already be unsafe to use your vacuum cleaner.

Do not vacuum hard objects. Vacuum cleaners are meant to suction off dust and small items that cannot just be simply picked up or sweep off. It is not meant to suction off relatively big hard objects. Then, do not just run over the vacuum cleaner over a small rock, penny, or toy part. The rule of thumb is, if you can pick it up, pick it up. Those hard objects can seriously damage the interior of your vacuum cleaner or they can get lodged inside areas of your vacuum cleaner that is difficult to reach.

Do not let the vacuum cleaner run when it is overfilled. You must empty out the dust bag or bin of your vacuum cleaner when it is filled to its capacity. Not doing so will drastically reduce the performance of your vacuum cleaner.  Additionally, you will also run the risk of overheating, or, worse, damaging your vacuum cleaner. When you notice that the your vacuum cleaner suction seems not to be working, open the bin or bag to check if it has already filed up. Chances are, emptying your vacuum cleaner will drastically improve its performance.

Do not vacuum water. Regular vacuum cleaners are not designed to suction off water. If you do so, you run the risk of seriously damaging your vacuum cleaner, or worse, getting electrocuted. Even when you won’t get electrocuted or the vacuum cleaner won’t get damaged in the process, you still have to deal with the mess when you empty out your vacuum cleaner bin or bag. If you don’t want to have some vacuum cleaner repair done when you damage your cleaner due to water intrusion, just get a dry/wet vacuum cleaner instead.